OBU Email Login

The Oklahoma Baptist University offers and advanced email system provided by Zimbra, which offers an open source server and client software that allows users to send messages and collaborate online. You can sign in to your OBU email account by following the steps below:

How to Login to my OBU Email Account

1. Open your web browser and go to https://email.okbu.edu/.

2. Enter your OKBU username in the “Username” field.

obu username box image

Username Box

3. Type in your OBU email password in the “Password” box.

obu password box image

Password Box

4. Click the “Log In” button.

obu login button image

The login button

Once you’ve logged in to your OKBU email account with your username and password, you can immediately start taking advantage of the service’s powerful communication and collaboration tools. Keep in mind that Zimbra works better Chrome, Firefox and Safari. Also, Oklahoma Baptist University recommends not using it on Opera for Zimbra or IE because it might not work well when you try to access your email account through the previously mentioned web browsers.

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