Jmail is a prisoner pen pal service provided by “Prison Inmates Online LLC” that focuses on helping people keep in touch with their incarcerated loved ones through internet communication tools such as E-mail. is an excellent alternative to services like JPay and Corrlinks, and although is not as popular as the previously mentioned sites, it is definitely worth checking out, because it’s affordable and it offers lots of useful features that most online inmate writing services do not possess.

After signing up for an account you’ll be able to write emails to your incarcerated loved ones directly from the privacy of your own home and, apart from sending messages, you can also share photos, send letters, and take advantage of “Jmail Box” which is a new service that allows you to use the company’s physical address as your own so inmates that you don’t know well enough never get your home address. Another great thing about the service is that you won’t ever have to worry about stamps, envelopes, printing digital photos, etc., because they take care of all that stuff for you.

Your account features include an address book, a draft box to write and save messages, online storage to save all the letters that you send or receive, access to reliable customer support, and mobile account access to check your mail on the go from your phone or tablet device at any time, from anywhere.

Once you have signed up and set up your account, you can follow these steps to sign in to check emails and send messages to your incarcerated loved ones:

How to Login to your Jmail Account

1. Visit

2. Type your username in the “E-mail” field.

Enter your email

Enter your email

3. Now type in your Jmail user password in the “Password” field.

Enter Your Password

Enter Your Password

4. And click “Sign in”.

Click on the blue Sign in button

Click on the blue Sign in button

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