Hotmail email was a free online mailing service provided by Microsoft. It was one of the first and also one of the most popular webmail services in the world. Microsoft’s mail service became very successful thanks to its wide range of features and tools such as unlimited storage, spam filtering, rich text formatting and more. is now, we’ve already explained how to login to Outlook, so we don’t (and we won’t) have to go through all the steps again in this page.
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However, you can still login to Microsoft’s webmail service the same way you’ve always done it, because even though all existing Hotmail users were upgraded to in 2013, they’ve all been able to retain their email address, plus other important stuff such as their passwords, messages, contacts, settings, etc. And, if you were a Hotmail user, you can still access your account via the same login page located at the following url:

Another cool fact is that you can still get a email address even if you’re a new user, so if you haven’t signed up for this service yet go to this page to register now.

When you’re completing the registration form you will be asked to select a “Microsoft Account Name”, and then you’ll have to select the email address that you want to use, there are several options to choose from such as, and of course, choose the one that you like and move on.

After sign up come back this website to learn how to sign in to your new Hotmail email account. If this information was useful for you, then please show us support by sharing this page with your family and friends through your favorite social networks. Don’t forget to keep coming back for more awesome information on how to access the best webmail services in the world.

Don’t forget to use the link at the top of this page to check out our login tutorial, maybe that’s what you’re really looking for.


  1. mustafa mutlu says:

    I can NOT open my hotmail

  2. kasavu luwugge godfrey says:

    re-open my account

  3. fernando says:

    can not open my e’mail


  5. layla blake says:

    I can’t access my email account

  6. I can’t find my account or my mail

  7. charmaine gonsalves-barriero caines says:

    cant open my email

  8. Roger Chapman says:

    how do I get back into my hotmail e-mail

  9. aquilino posadas says:

    re open my account

  10. thank u

  11. marty tynan says:

    not impressed

  12. Quiero tener pero no pedo

  13. Please re open my account it won’t open my mail

  14. Ican’t open my Email please help me

  15. zahira wali says:

    very good

  16. My email account, very disturbing…
    Kindly help fix the mess around the problem.Thank you

  17. Not even my email can

  18. freedom man says:

    I think Hotmail Free email has not declared us it’s changes or charges no one seems now to reply to my email letters, applications, and added documents via my hotmail email account, in 2011 it used to be quicker, easy, and fast no problem with replies.

  19. I am not alone I can,t get in neither how long until you solve this dilemma you have created

  20. mary zambrotto says:

    I had Hotmail and they changed it to outlook and lost all my games. I was playing with all my friends and I Can’t find them.

  21. Shree Prasad Shrestha says:

    i have been using this Hotmail account since last 17, 18 years but now fed up with this as i have found myself unable to log in even everything is correct, my password log in address everything. Every time it shows me privacy error etc etc. I use to log in everyday but what the hell it is that i am seeing the same one since last night !!! Anyone that can tell me what is that ?

  22. Please change it back to Hotmail cannot get into my mail

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