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Godaddy is probably the world’s and also the web’s leading domain registrar and web hosting company/service. was founded in 1997 by Bob Parsons, the company’s headquarters are located in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA. The company already has more than 3,500 employees, and it is the 85th most visited website in the world according to Alexa Rank. Yes, the company has millions of users worldwide and you are probably one of them, and if you’re currently on this page, then that’s probably because you are also looking for the sign in page of the site, the mobile app, or maybe you are simply having problems while trying to access your account.
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If you are having login problems please leave us a comment through the comments section at the bottom of the page and we will try to help you out as soon as we read it. If you decide to actually leave us a message, make sure to provide us with a full explanation of what’s going and why. Also don’t forget to bookmark or save this page somewhere where you can easily find it so that you can come back to see if we have posted possible solutions for your problem(s).

If you need to sign in to your Godaddy Webmail account use the link and follow the steps below.

Godaddy Email Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to Godaddy’s Webmail sign in page, also known as the Workspace Login page at

2. Type your username in the first text field of the sign in form that you will see located in the center of the page.

godaddy webmail login step 1

3. Type your user password in the second text field.

godaddy webmail login step 2

4. Click the big blue “Log In” button at the bottom.

godaddy webmail login step 3

5. Done!

As you can see logging in to your account is not as hard as it seems, or at least it isn’t as hard as you thought it would be. If this tutorial was helpful please show us support by sharing this page with your family and friends.


  1. Jim Sams says:

    I cannot get into my email, I have tried 4 times with correct password?
    Help me please as I am expecting an email from

  2. I got a new HP computer yesterday that has Windows 8 on it and have been unable to even bring up the workspace login page…when it does come up it is only text with no html formatting or photos….it always ends up closing the login page and gives me a dead web page… I turned off the firewall and anti-virus and tried with the same results….

    Any advice appreciated as Windows 8 is new to me.
    Thanks Pam

  3. The log in links finally worked today….yay!

  4. I cannot get into my email, I have tried 4 times with correct password?

    • Hi Jim, maybe you’re entering the wrong username or email address. If you can’t get in try resetting your password, that might fix your problem.

  5. Kari Jackson says:

    I cannot access my email address.

  6. George Van Istendal says:

    I cannot log in

  7. deena solomon says:

    I can’t sign into my e-mail

  8. Merinda Jackson says:

    I cannot get into my email address with my password. I have tried everything. Very annoying!

  9. I can login at work but not at home. Doesn’t give me any errors, it just thinks, and thinks then says page cannot be displayed. Have tried several times on two different computers. Driving me crazy.
    Please help.

  10. Thomas Johnson says:

    I have forgotten my webmail password

  11. Having trouble logging in. Help please.

  12. joe white says:

    I recently updated applications on my MAC and now get this page when i log in to my email acct.

    [object Object]

  13. Can’t get into my email have tried 5-6 times have had website and same password for years.

  14. Can’t logon to email using my GoDaddy password I have used since 2005

  15. when I click to open my email it logs me off for inactivity??

  16. I can’t log in to email. Either user name or password is not being accepted.

  17. I have my user name and password but I cannot get workplace to accept the pasword

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