IncrediMail is a free email service provided by Perion Networks, in fact, Perion Networks used to be called “IncrediMail”, and it was known as a software company based in the USA, but which was founded in Tel Aviv by the Adler cousins. Now Perion Networks is the main company behind this popular webmail service, it basically operates and manages two main consumer brands which are “Smilebox” and “IncrediMail”, but the company now has a large portfolio of services and websites such as HiYo and PhotoJoy among several others.

IncrediMail offers a lot of features and tools via its free webmail service, for example, you can access your email account from any place, using any computer, at any time, you can also personalize your emails with unique custom backgrounds, users also have the ability to add fun emoticons to their messages, plus a lot more. The service is also known as being reliable, fast and very secure, however, there’s also a non-free version of this service called IncrediMail Plus, it costs somewhere around $25 dollars, but it will empower you with extra features and tools such as more skins, VIP support, and a very popular feature known as “IncrediBackup”, which will keep your information safe in the cloud. Keep in mind that IncrediMail for Web supports some of the most popular email services in the world today such as Yahoo! Mail, BigPond, ComCast and Gmail.

If you were looking for information on how to access your account at, then you’ve come to the right place, because in this page we will show you exactly how to do just that, all you need is a computer or mobile device that has an internet connection and that’s it. So if you definitely don’t understand how this whole sign in thing works, or if you are having some kind of problem while trying to access your account, then simply follow the steps below and I’m absolutely sure that you will be ready to start sending and receiving messages over the internet in just a couple of minutes.

IncrediMail Login (Steps)

1. Visit the site’s webmail access page at

2. Type your email address in the first text field of the sign in form that you will see on the right side of the page.

incredimail email login step 1

3. Type your password in the second text field.

incredimail email login step 2

4. Click “Sign In”.

incredimail email login step 3

5. Done!

As you can see logging in to your account is easy and quick, I’m sure that you won’t have any problems at all, especially after reading and following the steps in this tutorial. But if you do have problems don’t worry, just calm down, relax, then come back to this page, leave us a message through the comments section at the bottom and we’ll contact you as soon as we read it to provide you some help.

External Resources and Links:

IncrediMail Plus.


  1. Rolene Hopkins says:

    I am a returning customer to incredimail, and I really like it, but my email keeps getting “stuck” and I am unable to receive all of it.
    thank you,

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