email is the Canadian version of the popular free webmail service provided by Microsoft. This version is exactly the same as the original version, which was previously located at, but which is now called Hotmail for Canada offers the same interface, features and tools as Outlook, so if you want to learn more about this service and what it has to offer visit this page for more information.

If you were looking for information on how to access your webmail account, then you’ve arrived to the right place, because here you will learn exactly how to do just that, we’ll show you how to get into your account no matter where you are, or what time it is, as long as you have a computer or moble device that allows to browse the internet of course you are good to go.

If you definitely don’t understand how the whole sign in process works, or if you are having some kind of problem while trying to access the site, then all you have to do is follow the steps below and I’m one hundred percent sure that you will be ready to start sending and receiving messages online in just a matter of seconds. Email Login (Steps)

1. Visit the webmail access page at

2. Type your email address in the first text field of the log in form that you will see on the right side of the page.

3. Type your password in the second text field.

4. Click “Sign In”.

5. Done!

As you can see logging in to your email account is easy and quick, I’m sure that you won’t have any problems at all the next time you’re trying to access the site, but if you do have problems, don’t worry and don’t panic either, calm down, then come back to this page, leave us a message through the comments section at the bottom and we will contact you as soon as we can to provide you some help.


  1. Trying to find that password

  2. I cannot remember my password i get my mail on my phone but I am trying to set it up on my mac laptop and its asking for my password so if you can send me a temp, I will get it on my phone

  3. sarah robillard says:

    Why can’t I login to my hotmail account anymore??

  4. Abdul Wajid Khan says:

    Fantastic service

  5. I would like to compose an email in In my outlook in English and translate to another language , then send it to the recipient , I have tried online translation tools, but cant find what I require. please let me know if such even exist.


  6. Steven Richard says:

    I have another account and for months I have tried to get in unsuccessfully… I need to access this account so I can get the mail I have missed out on

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