Apptix is an Application Service Provider (ASP) technology company. The company provides hosted business services, as well as Software services. Apptix offers Cloud based solutions such as Microsoft Exchange email, Enterprise-class VoIP phone service, Microsoft SharePoint collaboration services, web conferencing/secure IM, email encryption, mobile device management, and more.

If you are an Apptix customer and have already set up your webmail account, then you can direct yourself to the site’s homepage to access it. Simply click the “Customer Login” link located at the top right side of your screen, choose your type of account, enter your details and hit enter.

If you are having problems or if you don’t know how to access your account, then simply follow each one of the steps below.

Apptix Email Login – Step by Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s home page located at the following url:

2. Select your type of account, there are three options: Administrator Login, Outlook 2007 Web Access, and Outlook 2010 Web App. Most customers like to access webmail using the Outlook 2010 Web App, so I will explain how to enter the site using that link.

3. The first thing that you’ll need to do is indicate if you are using a public, shared, or private computer to access your account.

4. Choose if you want to use the the Light Outlook Web App. (This Step is Optional)

5. Enter your email address in the first field of the sign in form.

6. Now enter your password in the second field.

7. The final step is to simply click the orange button that reads “Login” and you are done!

As you can see logging in to your Apptix email account is a simple, quick, and also very easy process, I’m sure you won’t have problems of any kind. However, if you do have problems, come back to this very same page and leave us a message, we’ll get in touch with you to try to help you out as soon as we read it.

If this information was useful for you, then please help us spread the word out by simply sharing this page with your family and friends, we’ll thank you for it. Don’t forget to keep coming back to this website to find more great information about how to access your favorite webmail services and information about email services in general.

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