WaveCable email is an online mailing service provided by Wave Broadband, which is mainly known for being a provider of cable TV, broadband internet, and telephone services on the West Coast of the United States, they reach customers in Washington state, Oregon, Sacramento, California, and the San Francisco Bay Area.

If you are a Wave Broadband customer and you have already set up your webmail account, then you can easily access your account using your login name and password. If you don’t know how to sign in or if you are having problems, then follow the steps below to learn how it’s done through our easy to follow, step by step tutorial.

WaveCable Email Login – Step By Step Tutorial

1. Go to the site’s webmail sign in page located at the following url: http://www.wavebroadband.com/account/webmail.php.

2. Enter your login name in the first field.

wavecable mail sign in step 1

3. Enter your password in the second field.

wavecable mail sign in step 2

4. Click the “Login” button and you are done!

wavecable mail sign in step 3

Logging in to your WaveCable email account is easy and quick, I’m sure you won’t have any problems at all. However, if you do have problems, come back to this page and leave us a message through the comments section located at the bottom of the page. We’ll get in touch with you as soon as we get your message and we’ll do our best to try to help you out.

One more thing before you leave, if you think that this information was useful for you, then please show us support by sharing this page with your family and friends, who knows, maybe they’ll find it useful too. I hope you keep coming back for more great information and have fun!


  1. Audrey Connel says:

    I am trying to set up my Surface 2 tablet to receive my emails from Wavecable through the Mail tile. I tried to add another account ( using add other account) and it asks me if it is an EAS account or IMAP and about incoming and outcoming servers and I have no idea . please help

  2. pat pitts says:

    I forgot my password & there is no set up to retrieve it & I can’t see where I could just set up another one

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